STAR of the Month: Agent Sasco whips up his 'Daily Porridge'

October 23, 2017
Agent Sasco was deep in concentration as he added the ingredients to the pot.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the creamy porridge.
Seeming like quite the chef, Agent Sasco tried to show off his cooking skills.
He was very meticulous as he measured the cornmeal.
Some of the ingredients used to make the deejay's masterpiece.
Agent Sasco was eager to plate the porridge.
In the end, the porridge was rather creamy.
A very expressive Agent Sasco was quite talkative when THE STAR visited him.
This healthy bunch of bananas was one of the many items on his small farm.
Agent Sasco shows off the pepper in his backyard garden.

He is perhaps the first STAR of the Month to prepare cornmeal porridge for his 'In the Kitchen' segment, but Agent Sasco would have it no other way.

Agent Sasco, having been nicknamed 'Daily Porridge' as a youth, told THE STAR that porridge is one of his all-time favourite things to have. He admits that although he is not a whizz in the kitchen, some 'good ole' fashion cornmeal porridge is one of the few meals he could prepare in his sleep.

"We love porridge, but we elementary level, so we nuh reach the plantain porridge and banana and dem thing deh yet," he said, pointing out that he would not be using any measuring tools to make his porridge, as he was taking an old-school approach.

"Pinchings and thing. So, we a go start by boiling some water and add a likkle bit a we cinnamon," he said.

The cinnamon leaves used by the deejay were grown in his backyard, as the entertainer loves to have his food come from his 'backyard, to the kitchen'.

He revealed that because of his love for porridge, two cinnamon trees was among the first things he planted.

Adding salt to the water and cinnamon, the deejay shared some advice about cooking with salt.

"We a freestyle, but we nah add nuh whole heap, because it's better you start wid a likkle bit then you add more if you need it. Nine out of 10 times you won't be able to reverse it if you use too much," he said.

Agent Sasco, or should we say 'Daily Porridge', then proceeded to add some cinnamon powder to the water, pointing out that although he already used cinnamon leaves, the powder will give the porridge added flavour.

He then added a bit of vanilla and nutmeg, and left the water to boil while he prepared his cornmeal mixture.

The entertainer poured some cornmeal into a bowl estimating the amount once again and added some evaporated milk. He said the milk would give his porridge a smooth, creamy consistency.

He stirred the cornmeal and the evaporated milk until the mixture was smooth and even.

By this time, the water had come to a boil. Turning down the heat under his pot, the deejay added the cornmeal mixture and whisked to thicken it and remove lumps. Humming while he whisked, the deejay told THE STAR that he would sometimes come up with a few lyrics while doing his thing in the kitchen.

Giving some more advice, the deejay pointed out that if the porridge thickens too quickly, one should add some more water and continue stirring to ensure the cornmeal is cooked properly. When his porridge thickened to his liking and was lump-free, the deejay turned off the stove and plated he porridge.

His close friend, Tara Playfair, was the first 'brave taker' offering to sample the entertainer's creamy cornmeal porridge. As if she was a judge on the TV series Master Chef, Playfair talked about the consistency of the porridge.

She admired the fact that the finished product had no lumps and proceeded to taste. With her eyes closed, she swallowed her first spoon and gave it a thumbs up.

Afraid that perhaps Playfair might be biased, our STAR of the Month called on a few more taste testers to judge his porridge-making skills.

By the end of the testing segment, there were five empty dishes on the kitchen counter, a testament that 'Daily Porridge' lived up to his name.

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