STAR of the Month: Agent Sasco bats for St Thomas

October 25, 2017
Agent Sasco
The waves beat against a section of the shoreline in St Thomas.
The Hagley Gap hills, leading to the Blue Mountain peak.
A sign highlighting the parish of St Thomas.

He has no ties to St Thomas; no relatives and no property. Yet, the state of underdevelopment there has not escaped Agent Sasco's eyes.

"St Thomas seem to be the parish that is always last on the list, and being so close to Kingston, I think it is a huge opportunity for people to develop St Thomas in ways that people can access it and enjoy it," said Agent Sasco, who was raised in Kintyre, St Andrew.

St Thomas, situated at the southeastern end of Jamaica, is widely regarded as the most underdeveloped parish. It was the last parish to get a traditional high school, Morant Bay High School; does not have traffic lights, and is without a KFC outlet.

Agent Sasco, has questioned why governments have not done more for the parish, despite its potential.

"I went to this place out there the other day this place called Longboarder and it was a nice vibe," said Agent Sasco, who told THE STAR that he and his family spend lots of time travelling Jamaica to explore her beauty.

Longboarder is situated off the Roselle main road in St Thomas, about five minutes from the town of Morant Bay. It is among the many attractions that people endure bad road conditions to experience in the parish, which offers other features such as Reggae Falls and Bath Fountain.

Agent Sasco said that he visited Longboarder after it was suggested by a friend, adding that he normally does not take a drive to that end of Jamaica because of the poor infrastructure.

St Thomas has beaches, some with white sand, and mountains and heritage sites for tourism. It is the accessible gateway to the Blue Mountains.

"I really hope that we can actively try, not to change the vibe out there, but whatever we can do for St Thomas and to develop activities out that side, we should."

Agent Sasco has now joined St Thomas native Popcaan as entertainers who have called for more to be done for the parish.

"We have been trying to get the Government's attention for a while now, and still no change. St Thomas is a parish where we don't have a lot of things, but right now we're just asking for the road," Popcaan said after leading a protest through sections of the parish in September.

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