STAR of the Month: Agent Sasco censors his children's social media intake

October 26, 2017
Agent Sasco was out with son Joshua and one of his daughters Alliana.
Agent Sasco

STAR of the Month Agent Sasco is a father of three, all of whom have been exposed to social media at some point in their lives.

One of his daughters in particular has become quite the Instagram sensation with over 30,000 followers. The entertainer, in acknowledging that the Internet and social media can become a brutal space, pointed out that while his children may have access to social media and may even be popular, he monitors just how much they are exposed to.

Agent Sasco told THE STAR that he and his wife decided to allow their daughter, Lauren, to have her own Instagram page because of the type of individual she is.

"She never post nutt'n yet from she born. There is no way she's gonna have a direct avenue to the world at her disposal; no that can't happen," he said, explaining that she has no access to the page and is therefore shielded from any negativity.

"I've seen how for example, some people have an issue with how we allow her to wear her hair. Social media is still something that we are trying to understand, how to use it and not use it. Everything come wid pros and cons, we can't have one without the next and so we just deal wid things as they come," he added.




He revealed that Lauren loves performing, and he and his wife like to encourage the children to be themselves.

"The thing with Lauren is that if you come over to the house right now, all she wah do a play for you and she run go get some costume, so we start realise that she wants to perform. Joshua is far more reserved, but him still participate in whatever she doing. So he doesn't have a page because that's not necessarily fi him thing," he said. "Lauren says she's gonna be Lauren the star and she's gonna sing and she's gonna act, so all me affi do is provide whatever guidance mi can. Whatever they want to do you, just try and encourage them."

With that said, the entertainer told THE STAR that he would support any of his children if they decided they wanted to be artistes.

He said that growing up he always had the support of his parents, and that went a far way in helping him to follow his dream.

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