STAR of the Month: Studio Vibes with Agent Sasco

October 27, 2017
STAR of the Month Agent Sasco in his studio.
Agent Sasco recording in his home studio.

Agent Sasco has contributed significantly to dancehall music over the years as an entertainer but these days, the STAR of the Month wants to do more than just spit lyrics.

His desire to make a more holistic contribution to the industry has led him to construct his own studio. Having his own space to create music will allow the entertainer to develop his production skills and will aid in his dream of harnessing young talent.

Having been under construction for the past two years, Diamond Studios is near completion and Agent Sasco, being a man of detail, was intimately involved in the creative process.

“I found one of them hotel notepads just the other day with a drawing of what I wanted it to look like and it’s just wicked to now be able to look at it from a planning stage to where it is now,” he said. “I don’t want to diagnose myself as OCD but I like things to be balanced. Me nuh like clutter and dem thing so from everything to the colour to the overall feel of the place, I had a hand in it.”


Showing the Studio Vibes team just how dedicated he was to details for the place, the entertainer showed off a special lighting surrounding the platform that housed the computer screens and the mixing boards.

The lights react to sound and changes colour with volume. All the furniture in the studio were handmade and fashioned from lumber as the artiste enjoys original, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Not willing to discuss dollars and cents, the Winning deejay told Studio Vibes that he sees the space as an investment and therefore didn’t hold back on how much he would spend.

“Building a studio is just like anything else, you will have certain challenges but I appreciate the process and so I didn’t look at how difficult or not the journey would be, I just put my mind to it and I just did it,” he said. “I consider it as an investment and I’m most happy with it. When you think about the fact that you doing something that keeps your lights on and you earn your bread from it and you buy all these nice things that cost even more than to set up this studio, it was really of no consideration. If everything I own is because of music, why not invest in a space where I can do it?”

The artiste said his studio will not be a commercial space, so if you’re thinking about booking studio time, think again.

“It is a private set-up. I have friends that musically I have a good relationship with who, before I had a space, I could call them up. So of course, it won’t just be me who gets to use the space but it is in my home and so I have to strike a balance on just how much commercial activity I welcome,” he said pointing out that the space, though small will allow him to do everything from recording to mixing music. 

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