STAR of the Month: Underrated? - Agent Sasco says his contribution to music cannot be denied

October 28, 2017
Agent Sasco

Agent Sasco, the STAR of the Month, has heard many dancehall fans lament that he is one of the most underrated artistes in dancehall.

However, the deejay, although flattered, doesn't feel he's underrated and believes his contributions to dancehall music cannot be denied.

"As for the underrated argument, I don't think that is what people really want to say. I think it's more under-hyped because if you run a survey right now, anybody who cares for dancehall music in any sincere way cannot not rate my contribution," he said. "It's not an arrogant statement because as me say music don't live a mi yard. But there is nobody that can sincerely love or respect the music objectively who can say that dem don't rate wah me contribute. But if you talking about what gets coverage and 'hype', then I'm perfectly fine with it (being seen as underrated)."


Get fulfilment


Accepting that he realised he would have been sacrificing the 'hype' and the attention that comes with being a dancehall entertainer when he decided to maintain a certain image, the entertainer said he's not about to cry over whether or not he's getting the credit he deserves for his musical contributions.

"Mi nah go cry and say how dem nah gimme me ratings because I wasn't willing to do 'x, y and z'. Some things are sensational and there's a price to pay for everything. I'm not willing to pay the price of who I am to access dat (ratings)," he said. "I have a career now spanning 17 years and more than anything else, I get fulfilment from weh me do and that's just the ultimate."

He also pointed out that the music business, being a brutal one, doesn't owe entertainers anything, and stresses that if others are going to concern themselves with getting 'respect' they'll never appreciate where music has brought them from.

"Music nuh owe nobody nutt'n innu, so a man will say yuh nah get the ratings weh yuh fi get but there's no such thing. There's no ratings weh yuh must get as an artiste," he said. "I fell in love with music and saw it as something a select few get to do and now 17 years into a career, me must complain? No, man. Me give thanks, man. Me give thanks to the people who rate and support di ting and me give thanks for continuous development and maximising my full potential."

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