Gospel Spotlight: Ophelia Carter turns dream into reality

November 03, 2017
Contributed Ophelia Carter
Contributed Ophelia Carter

New York recognised my talent and decided that they were going to invest in me. They have pledged to fund whatever project I'm going to pursue and help me achieve some of my career goals."

As for her debut single, Carter said it has been getting a lot of positive feedback, and she believes that with some promotion, it will be enough to create a buzz around her.

"Everybody who hears it at concerts or anywhere love it. It's a catchy song, so people gravitate to it, and it has an energetic dance vibe to it as well so people can definitely let loose to it," she said.

"I believe that when you have that song that reaches the people, you are on your way to establishing yourself as a force. I know I have the vocal ability, and I hope my songs get to connect with people enough for me to get my name out there."

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