Constable gives final salute - Popular talk show caller dies

November 14, 2017

Widely known as 'Constable', Keith Beadle was a regular caller to many radio programmes, including RJR's Hotline. Beadle died on Saturday night as a result of a stroke.

One of the host of RJR Hotline, Clive Mullings, said Beadle contacted the show as recently as last Tuesday.

"He would call very often and he would have a lot of deep conversations. He would research things and discuss them," Mullings told THE STAR.

Mullings say, Beadle was highly respected in Montego Bay and western Jamaica on a whole.

"He was in charge of traffic at one point and everybody knew 'Mr. Beadle' because that is what they called him. He was a frequent person at court and sometimes he would be at court helping with the arrangement for the circuit and so on," Mullings said.

Although he had been retired a number of years now, Mullings said that Beadle would frequently meet with other retired officers to discuss crime situation in Mobay and propose possible solutions.

Mullings said that Hotline will certainly miss Beadle, who was a former inspector of police.

"I have been on programme for about 4 or 5 years and he has been calling before that for a number of years. He may have his own bais, but he reads and have a discussion and he challenges you," Mulllings said.

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