Life and Times: Blessed to live for 100 years

November 25, 2017
Doris May McKie

There are several persons who have been blessed to live pass the three scores years and 10, the number of years given to man to live, based on the Bible. However, due to reason of strength, many have been blessed to live for an additional 30 years or more.

Well, Doris May McKie of Spring Ground in Manchester is one such blessed individual. She was born on November 24, 1917 at Linster in St Mary, and she is the only member of her family to achieve the milestone.

"I feel as good as ABC to be living at a hundred years old. I have been blessed to be the longest living person in my family because God has mercy on my soul and body. He has brought me to this milestone, so what else should I do but give Him praise?," bragged the centenarian.

McKie shared that she cannot tell why God has favoured her to live so long, but, according to her, the work she has done for God over the years as a church leader and Christian has paid off.

She shared that she was always on the mission field for the Lord, preaching the gospel to hundreds, while seeking to win their souls for her Maker.

"I also went to Sunday school as a child growing up, until I started serving as a Sunday school teacher. From a Sunday school teacher, I went on the mission field and started preaching the gospel. Sometimes I used to wonder how I was able to stand up and preach the gospel, and the Spirit used to lift them (people) up," said the retired missionary.

McKie shared that in her youth, she used to enjoy eating a good plate of coconut run down, yam of all sorts, along with pork, mutton and chicken.

She told the STAR's Life and Times that currently she does not eat anything special, but eats whatever she gets and gives thanks to the Lord.

She noted that she is in good health, even though she has had her legs amputated due to poor blood circulation. At her age, she still reads her Bible, as well as do word-search puzzles.




The 100-year-old retired preacher pointed out that if today's children want to live to see 100 years like her, they will have to please the Lord with their life and behave themselves.

McKie wants those who are alive to remember that they were created to serve the Lord; and if they do, they will be favoured by the Lord, who will allow them to live out their years.

Asked if she feels like she could live another 20 years, McKie said she does not have a need to live for much longer in this miserable world. However, according to her, if the Lord sees it fit for her to live for another two decades, she would be grateful to her Maker.

"It would not trouble me to live longer, but I am tired to hear the rubbish which is taking place in the world these days. Jamaica has changed drastically over the years," McKie said.

The centenarian said the country is in a mess, especially because God-fearing people are afraid even to go to church at nights. The mother of two said when she was a child, her family members were able to walk any hour of the night, but these days doing so is a big risk.


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