Season 2D Bonez satisfying St Bess

December 09, 2017
Ricardo Robinson is the magician in the kitchen.
Miss G, as everyone calls her, is the head cook and bottle washer at Season 2 D Bonez Restaurant and Bar.

The best ideas can come from the most normal situations. Take for instance the day Gloria Brown-Ennis was seasoning up some meat, while her son Denver, who had the idea for her to start a restaurant, was looking on.

"And I was thinking, this meat season to the bone man. And he said 'you know this is a good name to give it'," she laughed. And just like that Season 2D Bonez was born.

Denver, a Kingston-based businessman, owns the eatery, but Miss G, as everyone calls her, is the head cook and bottle washer.

The restaurant, bar and grill is located along the Wilton/Goshen main road in St Elizabeth (right at the intersection that carries you to Braes River and other communities). 

Season 2D Bonez specialises in chicken, and you can get the popular protein in many styles, including the customary fried and jerked.

Brown-Ennis doesn't eat pork (after some bad experiences years ago), so she doesn't prepare it either. And that's fine with the clientele.

"I have certain customers, and if I use pork here, they're not going to stop," she said. 

But despite all the chicken meals, somewhat surprisingly, the most popular dish among patrons comes from another animal.

"Can I tell you, it's cow tail," she said. "We do it with beans and serve it with rice. Curry goat does well but every day people like cow tail. We have to always get it, and it's local."

Brown-Ennis believes in giving back to the nearby communities who support her. The restaurant adopted the Braes River Basic School, and every Thursday, they contribute lunch to 66 students. 

The restaurant also hosts cookouts away from the location, spreading the good taste around. Season 2D Bonez is open every day from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. 

"We have people coming in from even Kingston and they say 'we coming right here for breakfast'. Even people from Santa Cruz come here for their breakfast," she said. "They like the variety we have."

The breakfast menu offers all the staples you would expect, like calalloo, salt mackerel, and ackee and saltfish. Of course, sticking with poultry, some stewed chicken is also always available.

And despite concentrating more on the managerial side of the businesses, Brown-Ennis is always ready to roll up her sleeves and do some of the cooking herself.

And to show she thinks of everything, the restaurant also sells ice cream, satisfying both the customer with a sweet tooth, and providing a tasty dessert for those who have just consumed a well-seasoned meal.



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