TESTIMONY: Pastor survives plunge over precipice

December 09, 2017
Michael Richards

The Bible tells us in James 5:16 that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. The Reverend Michael Richards, like many other Christians, can testify that that statement is true.

Richards, who currently pastors the Hillside and Blenhein New Testament Church of God in Manchester, and who has been baptised since May, 1984, testified that prayer saved him from death.

"I had an experience in an accident, and I believe that if it was not God's miracle that saved me then I would not have been saved."

He said that it all began at a pastorate in St Elizabeth some years ago. "I went to bed and felt the urge from God when I got up in the morning, to pray several times," said Richards.

The man of prayer shared that he was not accustomed to praying several times in any one morning; but that morning was different. He said he had an appointment to see the district overseer for his church, and that morning when he got up he felt the urge to pray on his bed before he got up.


"I did, and on my way out I felt another hint from the Lord that I should anoint myself with olive oil before I go out. This was unusual too for me. So I did anoint myself with the olive oil and went through the door. I then felt another sense that something was happening; and a voice said that I should go back and anoint myself again," said Richards.

He said that he did just that and then proceeded on his journey to get a taxi. Richards said he walked about two miles to get the taxi.

"I boarded the taxi and about three to five minutes after the taxi started to drive and was negotiating a blind corner, the taxi driver met up on a huge cow. The driver was so frightened and he swung the car away from the animal and picked up a serious skid, ending up over a precipice," said Richards.

The pastor shared that the precipice was about a hundred feet deep; and while the car was going into it (precipice), he said 'Lord, have mercy'. Richards said the car went about ten feet down before the bonnet of the vehicle hit a tree.

"The car bonnet held on to the tree with a grip and would not move. I did not know how that happened, but it was a miracle for it to hold on to the tree like that. Had that tree not been there we would have gone one hundred feet down," said Richards.

"I am happy that I was obedient and believed God; because he rescued me from what would have been a very horrible and terrible tragedy. I do not believe I would have made it out of that precipice, because it was so deep. It was a real terrible experience," said the pastor.



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