Jamwest Motorsports and Adventure Park ... More than just speed

January 02, 2018
This extraordinary Toyota Startlet made its debut at JamWest Speedway in Westmoreland.

Not everyone who came was interested in racing, because people brought their families with them. That was when we started to develop the attractions," said Gordon.


Multitude of activities


Jamwest Park currently offers a multitude of indoor and outdoor activities for those seeking an adrenaline rush. Patrons can momentarily get their hearts racing by soaring on ziplines, getting wet on tall water slides, touring the surrounding woodland on all-terrain vehicles, or watching vehicles of varying sizes and shapes drag race within a fenced speedway.

The facility, which is located approximately 25 minutes away from the famous resort town of Negril, also offers quieter attractions for persons who are unable to participate in the more thrill-seeking activities.

"We have our jeep safari tour and other amenities like the mineral bath and the pool, and the bird aviary which expectant mothers can experience," said Gordon. "We're planning to put in some bumper boats, and those will be driven on water in the pool area."

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