STAR of the Month : How the king got his name

February 06, 2018
Beenie Man
The fashionable Beenie Man performing at 100 Live at 100 Hope Road in Kingston last Wednesday.

Beenie Man is a name that is synonymous with dancehall music. It is the name the deejay has used since he got his break in the industry, but not many persons know the story behind the moniker.

In today's Star of the Month feature, the entertainer tells just how he got stuck with the name.

"Mi grandfather call me so," the man, whose given name is Anthony Moses Davis, said.

"Mi was a very inquisitive kid. Mi ask the biggest and the oldest question, so him always a say mi is a big man trapped in a little boy body, so him call me Beenie Man," the artiste said.

Born August 22, 1973, Beenie Man has taken on monikers such as King of the Dancehall and The Doctor. During an interview with THE STAR last week, the Girls Dem Sugar artiste said that any other story about how he got his name is not in keeping with reality.

"Mi never name Papa Beenie, me never name Father Anthony, me never name Pupa Moses, a Beenie Man me name from start. When you likkle bit, yuh know yuh just a ask pure question so dem always a say 'send him go a school, him ask too much question' and a so me get me name," Beenie Man said.

The deejay, who is slim, said the moniker was a fitting one. He told THE STAR that his body size not only led to his stage name, but also influenced his fashion sense.

According to Beenie Man, he has always had to make his own outfits because he could never quite find his fit in clothing stores.

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