My Confession: I can't get enough sex

February 16, 2018

Bwoy STAR, me na shame fi say me have sex with easily over 270 man in a my life. No shame no ina my game cause a just my ting dat.

Masturbation alone don't cut it for me. Growing up in St Catherine, me lose mi virginity to a youth when me a 11, and is like sex cyaa too much since.

Kill me dead Travis* did love me, but one day after we done have sex, about four a him friends dem me see walk in and him tell me to give dem a buss.

Me neva wah dweet, but all a dem get dem share.

Soon after, I found myself doing a lot of group sex. I thought my sex drive would decrease, but instead, is like me appetite for sex grow.

Nuff time me get with some man and afterward me hear dem a walk and chat me say dem get a wuk off a me, but dem don't know say in reality a me use dem, cause me no want a soul.

It's just plain sex for me more time.

Me try offa di serious relationship ting more than once, but most a the man dem cut left cause dem say me can't satisfy, and dem feel a way when me start bawl tears say me still horny.

Also, as much as how me love sex, me jealous bad, so once me see say dem have a next, girl a bare war.

My lifestyle mek me lose one a mi good friend though. I used to share a home with her and her husband. Mi start sleep with him and ting and she find out and make a big deal.

My family tell me say me should seek counselling cause me behaviour is compulsive, but in a my eyes me no really see it da way deh, cause me no see no man a get counselling when dem a sleep round.

* Name changed

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