STAR of the Month: Beenie Man remembers when Barry G 'buss him' on radio

February 16, 2018
Beenie Man
Barry G

Hearing his songs on the radio is probably something our STAR of the month is used to by now.

But when Beenie Man was just getting his big break in music, hearing himself on the local airwaves was a big deal.

In a recent interview, the veteran dancehall artiste reminisced on the first time he heard himself on the radio describing the moment as an unforgettable one. The song was 'Too Fancy'.

"Barry G play my song pan di radio fi di first time, me never forget. Me did deh pan a 15 bus a go Waterhouse and me come off a di wrong bus stop because me tune a play pan di radio and me head a swell big so," he recalled. "Me couldn't stay pan di bus or else me woulda scream. Me a go Waterhouse and me come off a Bay Farm Road. Me a tell yuh, dat was the boom."

Earlier in the interview, Beenie Man had expressed that his mother was not too fond of his career choice but revealed that in that moment, every member of his family including his strict, Christian mother could not hide how proud they were.

"Me mother hear it, mi sister dem hear it, mi grandfather hear it and me a say 'whoa, me buss'," he said. "She (his mother) proud innu because this is her son on the radio. Fi hear har son pan di radio woulda come een just like when nobody inna ur house never go a high school yet and you just pass and go high school. Nobody inna my house is a singer, I am the only one."

The entertainer, who is now known as the 'King of the Dancehall' told THE WEEKEND STAR that he considered it a huge accomplishment to have had Barry G introduce him to the world.

He said the veteran radio man was the biggest radio icon in that time and expressed that 'The Boogie Man' (Barry G's nickname) spoke fondly of him and predicted he would have a very successful career in music.

"Barry G a say 'dis is Beenie Man, I'm telling you this kid is going places and it's going to happen for this kid. Play it one more time'. Barry G was the man inna dem time deh innu so that was a very big thing," said Beenie Man. "When me reach home it was excitement man because the whole lane hear it. People start come check me from all bout from dat."

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