My confession: Mi a bun mi man wid him best friend

February 23, 2018

Mi seh STAR, a years now me a sleep with mi man best friend, and it gone too far. Now mi nuh think me a go stop.

All a this start out years ago when mi man used to bun mi a whole heap. Nuff time him left Gary, him best friend, a di house fi help me round di house when him wah go bad. Mi never intend fi start anything wid him enuh, but one day we just sit down a reason and one ting lead to the next.

Gary woman deh overseas, so him never have no serious woman a Jamaica.

Mi nah go ever leave mi man because him take care a me, but Gary bad inna bed too. Nuff time a him de deh and cheer me up when all a di drama a gwaan, but sometimes him have to act like him deh pon mi man side when we inna argument.

Mi memba one time mi man go complain to Gary seh him feel mi have a next man cause him nuh like how mi a move. Him all a tell Gary seh him a go trick me and return to the house early one day.

Bwoy, mi and Gary just siddung and laugh cause we know him couldn't come catch a soul.

One a di time the three a we deh dance and Morgan Heritage song weh name Your Best Friend come on, and a bare blank me and Gary buss, but mi man never pick up on nothing.

More time it just feel good to see me two man dem at home a chill with mi. Mi man tek Gary fi a bredda and tell him every little thing, so me always know what him up to.

One time me used to feel guilty a bit, but all a that gone now because mi deserve to be happy. My man a bun me, and him fren a service me, so all things are equal.

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