STAR of the Month: Real Talk with Beenie Man

February 23, 2018
STAR of the Month Beenie Man 'talks di tings dem' during a Real Talk session yesterday.
Beenie Man's belle Krystal Tomlinson photobombs his session as he chatted with THE STAR yesterday.

Beenie Man has been a star for decades. His entertainment skills have mesmerised persons all over the world, and adoring fans have bestowed on him several titles including 'The Doctor' and 'King of the Dancehall'.

The WEEKEND STAR spent the day with the dancehall superstar yesterday and engaged him in some 'Real Talk'.

STAR: Give us three words to describe you.

Beenie Man: Talented, brilliant and hot.

STAR: What are some of the things you cannot live without?

Beenie Man: Riddims, studio, family. Without family, I wouldn't exist; and the fans, I can't live without the fans. But most of all, (it's) the music. And mi laptop! It haffi hook up on mi TV fi watch my movie dem!


STAR: Have you watched 'Black Panther'?

Beenie Man: That movie is beautiful. They didn't portray Africa as the worst place to live. Africa did have the best technology, the best spaceship. In the movie, the Stark guy (Iron Man) wants to be us!

STAR: How are you handling the no drinking and no smoking lifestyle?

Beenie Man: I stop smoking tobacco. Don't get it twisted. I drink red wine. The rum thing is not good for the body. It's good for the night, to enjoy yourself. I do smoke herbs, but I don't smoke tobacco.

STAR: What is your all-time favourite thing to eat?

Beenie Man: Mi nuh have nuh favourite food.

Krystal: What yuh cuss Bigga (personal chef) for every week if him doe cook it?!

Beenie: Wah?

Krystal: Rice and peas and chicken!

Beenie: Rice and peas, man. If it even cook with calalloo, ackee and saltfish ... rice and peas.

STAR: What is your favourite place to vacation?

Beenie Man: None, because we have to go to many different places. I like to vacation in Jamaica. I live in Kingston, but mi like guh some place mi never guh. Like Blue Lagoon, one place with some caves - Great Huts, Blue Mountain. Go Negril. Can all guh rent a cabin or a house fi yuhself.

STAR: You've had quite the career. What else do you hope to accomplish?

Beenie Man: Three more Grammys. I get nominated three times and I win one.

STAR: How do you feel about ZOSO?

Beenie Man: The taxi man stop in the middle of the road because the police not there. It's great to show police and soldier presence, but when them gone - wah ah guh happen?

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