My Confession: I faked a pregnancy for seven months

March 02, 2018

STAR, back in my younger days, me did really awful. Me did have a little 'boops' who did well want a baby. Me try fi months and it never did a work out. Me couldn't afford fi mek him lef me, so me trick him say me a breed.

Mr Man get excited when me tell him, so me just buy couple Peritol, and start pretend like me have morning sickness cause di pill dem start make me put on little weight. Sometimes him used to get to me 'cause him start treat me like egg and nuh want me do nothing. Next ting me know a bare baby clothes start buy up and big, nice bath set.

Me really start get alarmed after him start do dem tings deh, but true him a spend up di money, me continue take them. Me start wear a whole heap a baggy clothes and wear di padded bra so me breasts look big.

When me reach 'bout seven months inna di fake pregnancy, me start feel some pain, and him insist say we go doctor. Me tell him say a simple ting and it natural inna pregnancy. But to cut long story short, him call him docta friend come a me yard and me couldn't do a ting.

Next ting me know, di docta call him outside, and dem out a door a talk fi a long time. Me feel like me did a go pass 'cause me know him find out.

Bwoy, STAR, when di man come back in, him almost kill me wid lick. All di bath pan him use beat me inna me head, and him take up all a di baby tings dem weh lef and cut.

Me woulda neva run dem joke deh with anyone again.

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