My Confession: My man left home for a wedding, and he was the groom

March 09, 2018

Jah know STAR, me did have a likkle man who me did love, but I was di side chick. Bwoy, him used to beat up him woman fi me and is like me never have no conscience fi her. Me used to feel a she a do something wrong and me tell him to make a choice one day. Me tell him to decide if a me or she. Naturally, him choose me. Hyper dan me you couldn't find.

Me end up start to be the one a drop off her kids' money to her, and me nah tell no lie, me used to really show off pon her. One day when me go drop off the money she tell me say, 'Memba say leaf no rotten same time when it drop inna wata. Gwan ride pon yuh high horse'.

Me neva pay her no mind cuz me tink a jealous she jealous. Anyway, after me and him live fi bout two years or so, him tell me say one a him brethren a fly in to Jamaica fi married and him a best man. Him ask me if me waah come, but it was a weekend whe me have to work, so me tell him say him alone fi gwan cuz that nah go make it.

Weeks leading up to the wedding, him introduce me to him fren whe fly dung and both a dem busy on the road days leading up the big day. The day before the wedding, me comb him hair and press him clothes and make sure say everything in place. Me even buy him a nice shoes and him spend the night with me, and me leave go work in a the morning.

The bwoy all kiss me too and put on suit and ask me how him look. But before the day done, me would a in fi a surprise because me get a Whatsapp with him a kiss him bride. All this time me help prepare the man fi him wedding. When me hear pon di shout, is him fren carry down a girl from farrin fi him married and his fren was the best man. A dis me call karma!

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