My Confession: I pretended to faint so my girl wouldn't move out

March 16, 2018

STAR, back inna the days me did have a bag a girls with me woman, and Jah know, is like my girl was a detective. No CIA can't solve case like her because every time me try cover me tracks, she catch up pon me.

Anyway, she run weh couple girls well, and me just never bother try get them back inna me life because they were just strings.

But me did have a likkle boo weh me kinda love, and fi some reason, it did kinda hard to let her go. Me try extra hard to keep her, so no matter how much me woman text her, she never could break us up. You name it, I have done it. Me all make somebody text me phone like is the side chick one day saying that we break up.

Tings cool down for a while, and me and me woman start live back good because she think me leave the next girl.

But you know how some side chick nuff. She go send message to me woman, and all hell let loose again. Wifey say she a lef. And although she always threaten to leave, this time me did get a strong feeling say she serious.

Me couldn't afford fi she leave 'cause me did love her. So me just start act like me sick, and then act like me faint weh. She get frighten, and start fan me and run go call all the neighbour. All when dem start slap me inna me face and hand dem to wake up, me pretend same way. Minutes after me couldn't pretend no more, me jump up back like me revive.

She insist say she a carry me go doctor, but when the doctor check, him say a only weed him see inna me system.

Cut a long story short, me woman still lef me days after that, and then the side chick find a man and move on with her life after a while.

Me woman come back months after and me tell miself say me nah go ever bun her again. It just nuh worth it.

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