He 'stoned' me


March 23, 2018

Me say STAR, couple years ago me meet a man who always promise say him a guh tear down inna the bedroom. Me and him a gwan talk fi a while until me decide fi make him come link me.

Bwoy come a me yard the night and start to caress me, then him get up and say him a go bathroom. Me never make much of it but when him in there fi more than ten minutes, me a wonder if a soft him get and shame fi tell me. Me ask him if him good, and him say, 'yea man' and come out shortly after.

When him come out him hard like rock, and me a wonder how comes, but being how me in the mood, me never think bout it long. Bwoy STAR, the youth start do him ting after 12 inna the night, and all to 3 the next morning him caah done. Me mean say we stop in between enuh, and the youth na go down. Then me realise say it look like him under some drug or him 'stone' up.

Me decide say me done and start cuss him, and even during the cussing the bwoy still fully up. Him claim say a lie, so me asked him what him did a do in the bathroom so long, and him start stutter.

Me say as day break, me tell him say him have to leave and you know say all dem time deh him still no gone down. Me just tell him say him fi put him knapsack in front a him and go pon a bus. Me delete him number right after.

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