My Confession: One-night stand refused to give me his number


March 29, 2018

STAR, old people always say, 'never say never', and I am the living testimony of that.

Mi always seh no man can't get my body on the first date, but mi did wrong, because mi give it up at first sight.

All now mi can't believe seh it happen.

Mi always hate the carnival season and just couldn't imagine why people enjoy wining up on each other sweaty skin. But in 2013, me fren invite me. Mi never wah go but decide say me a go cause she start move like ticks inna har skin.

The first Friday night never so bad, so me decide to go back the following Friday, and it did even better. Next ting mi know, mi a drink and a gwaan with a bag a tings, and some 'goodie' inna the venue a gwaan boost me.

Anyway, Road March day come, and that a the big day weh every reveller a wait pon. Me and me fren dem roll out and deh pon di road and ting, and me notice a little youth a pree mi. Him come out of the crowd and come talk to me.

Mi almost melt because di bwoy English good and bare tings. Him tell me to stay close to him although is at the side, and me was only too obedient.

Anyway, as the day come to an end, him come link up with me, and we seh we a go chill a Devon House. We siddung and chat and start make out. Next ting mi know, mi half naked inna him van, and mi nuh have to tell yuh what happen after.

When me come to mi senses, mi shame like dog. Him just drop mi off a Half-Way Tree, and when mi ask him for him number, him just tell me seh all a that nuh necessary.

Just like that, me sleep with him, and not even him surname mi don't know. Me go back a Carnival the following year and see him, and him just pass me like him nuh see me.

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