My Confession: His babymother insulted me at work

April 06, 2018

STAR, I was a turn-back Christian and God give me a piece a 'beating' yuh see.

I was completing my final year at a local university and come a 'town' fi internship with a media company.

Me feel really glad, because me get a chance fi come out a me parents' strict eyes. First week at the office and everybody treat me like the 'baby' in the bunch.

If dem all cuss a bad word dem apologise because dem have me as a Christian and me hair natural and ting.

Anyway, one a di staff start pree me out and me did like him too, so not long after, we deh pon di phone a chat every night.

We all start exchange naked pictures and me send him some videos of me masturbating. Me couldn't get enough a him, especially after we had sex.

No one in the office knew of us, but all of that changed soon. One day, me a go lunch and see a really bleached-out girl stand up a di gate in her bleaching stockings and her head tie up.

Me hear she a say, "Oye my girl", but me na pay her nuh mind cuz me nuh think a me she a chat too.


Turn inna duppy


Me continue walking but realise say a me she a talk when she tap me on me shoulder and say, "My girl, a you name ..." and me say yea.

Mi say STAR, di gyal draw crowd pon me and say a me she see in her man phone naked and bare tings and me fi left her babyfadda alone or she a go burn me up with acid and turn me inna duppy.

By this time, security and the entire office come outside and she would a never stop talk. Me shame like dawg, especially after her babyfadda wouldn't come out come calm her.

Fi di rest a weeks, me walk with me head inna the ground and me never look back at her man again. Although me still backslide, me will never take a next gal man again.

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