My Confession: Young bwoy turns peeping Tom

April 11, 2018

STAR, me did go bun mi man with one young bwoy and him almost mash up me relationship.

Me open a small business and it use to attract a lot of young bwoy. One a dem take a liking to me and me spirit did take him cause at 23, him reason way beyond him years. 

At the time me a did 35. Him would keep me company at the business place all day sometimes. But then I notice him start behave a way everytime him see mi man come by, and a make some remarks whe me never like. But me always think a jealousy and think it kinda cute.

Me realise say him a get upset when him start come a me gate and mi man is there. Him start spend time with my friend that I share the house with.

Me and my man in the room and him in the next room with my friend. When me and her talk to him bout it him start threaten to tell my man. She had no other choice except to entertain him.

One night while me settle in me bed a have sex me see the curtain shift a little.

Me man never see because his back was to the window. STAR, when me look, nuh the likkle bwoy move the curtain and a look een pon we.

Me frighten till me almost pass out. Me push mi man offa me and run in the bathroom.

When him ask me a wah happen, me tell him say him did a do it too hot and it make me belly hurt me. About two weeks later, mi in the house by myself and the bwoy come a the window again.

When mi tell him move, him mash up two a the blades. Mi get serious deh so and tell him friends to warn him.

Mi also threaten him say anyhow him no stop mi a go tell dem and show dem pictures of him doing oral sex. A suh him leave me alone. 


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