My Confession: Planning to tell my brother that I slept with his girl

April 20, 2018

STAR, me conscience a ride me bout a year now.

Me and my family, including my brother, share home. Him always carry home some batta-ears gal, and me madda always cuss him over it.

Last year February, him carry home a nice browning, and everyone tek to her. She wash him clothes and cook and bring me madda presents, and everybody just love her. Next ting me know, she live in within a few weeks.

She always move close to me and come in my room and try on my stuff, but I never take it as anything. Matter of fact, I like it because she was like the sister that I never had.

One week, my brother left for work in the country, and Miss Lady take up residence in a my room. Me glad fi her company, and for the first couple of days, we were inseparable. A night time, we go parties or just chill in a me room and watch show.

One night, we drink some liquor and smoke some weed and a gwaan lay dung. Next ting me know, me sister-in-law on top of me and a kiss me, and me never stop her. It went further, and the next morning, me shame bad, but me couldn't stop think bout it.

It happen the following night, and all when me brother return, it never stop anything. Me never know me coulda fall fi a woman, but it obvious say she nah pree me that way. Honestly, me nuh sure if a me conscience a bother me or me just wah tell me brother to get back at her.

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