My Confession: Sex with my 'sideman' was a waste of time

April 27, 2018

STAR, you know say the grass is not always greener on the other side. Me married, but some years into the marriage me meet a little man and say me a go tek him as mi 'sideman'. Me really like him energy 'cause him intelligent and nice, so me did really anxious to give it up to him.

Me say di man full up me head a bare sexy tings and tell me how him a go rock me world and get me all excited.

Anyway, we link up and clothes tek off. STAR, me never sweat because Mr Man done in less than two minutes. Naturally me disappointed, but me say me a go try again the same night. Him turn me back way, and within seconds, that was it. Him even a tell me how intense it was.

Naturally, I went home puzzled, and me gently tell him say him make love like how the scenes are in the movies, short and boring.

STAR, boss man tell me say next time him a go shell me weh, and me like a punk go back again.

It's like me could a turn on a stop watch, because him man done fast like when you give craven puppy food. When me get upset, him have the nerve to tell me say a me alone ever find fault because him get all baby. Me never know him getting a baby make him a stallion. Me just stop da bun sup'm deh, because me nuh suppose to have a sideman and still in the mood when me reach home.

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