My Confession: Christian girl gave me a 'jacket'

May 11, 2018


STAR, dem say never swear fi a woman, and me learn the hard way. Me did have a little chick who act like Christian with natural hair and ting. Me love her until me fool, but she turn out to be the biggest disaster in a me life. It's a good thing me strong or me woulda kill her.

Me usually deh with the vulgar girl dem, but when me meet her, me instantly fall in love 'cause she did different.

But me realise say she a tell some little lies, but look past dem like an idiot. First thing, she say she only have sex about four times, but that never reflect when me and her do we ting. She tell me say she never do oral sex, but when she do it to me, me never feel no teeth.

Anyway, when she told me that she was pregnant, me glad bag buss because me never have no youth yet. Me follow her go doctor, and every craving she have me make sure me satisfy it. Me people dem a farrin send down bare baby clothes and tings fi her.

The day when the baby born, me mother take one look on the little girl and just hand her back to me babymadda and walk out a Jubilee. When me ask her why she leave, she tell me say a nuh my baby that 'cause the baby nuh have wi family trademark long fingers. She also say all of her grandkids born with an additional finger, but me never pay her no mind.

Me and me babymadda black like tar, but all when the baby reach four months, she white like chalk. It start get obvious say a nuh my youth, so me stop mind the baby, and the gal have the nerve to carry me go family court.

Me mother decide to pay for a DNA test, and lo and behold, the baby a never mine. She take God off the cross, say me madda pay off the doctor who do the test. Me just put her out, and me done with both she and the baby.

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