My Confession: Wife 'peppered' me for her husband

June 01, 2018

STAR, me have a ting whe me just a get over, although it happen years now. When me was 19, me move from Kingston go live in rural St Catherine with me granny. It was a farming community, so you nuh really find no bag a hot gal cuz most a the woman dem, nuh matter how young dem was, they were farmers.

Me couldn't imagine how dem could just walk up and down with the red dirt stained to dem skin every day and no do up dem hair. When me go deh me was the talk a the town. The man dem admire me, but some a the woman dem hate and just think me a Jezebel. Whole heap a man start look me, but me did have eyes only for one man. Him was married to a nice Christian-looking girl, so, naturally me tell meself say a easy thing to take him over.

Anyway, we start do we thing but within couple weeks, him wife find out and she come a me granny gate and she beg me calmly to leave her husband. Me laugh in her face, cuz me a wonder how she so fool a stand up a beg with all tears in her eyes. Me continue the relationship, cause me never care. One night after we link, me a walk go home through a lane and just feel a kick in me back. Me feel like me back broke and the next ting me know me can barely move, cause the person start give me some lick inna me belly.

By this time me realise say a the man wife and is like me body paralysed, because me think she a go kill me. She ripped off me shorts and me start wonder wat kinda freaky ting dis and if she a plan fi rape me. Only thing me know is that me body was on fire, because the woman bus some pepper under me. Let's just say me left her husband right after, and for weeks me had to walk wide . Me move go back a town shortly after.

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