Cheers To The Cup: Don't cry for me, Argentina

June 20, 2018
This man was distraught that Egypt lost to Russia.
Mo Salah's missed shot caused quite a reaction.
These men celebrate as Russia beat Egypt.
These men are definitely feeling the World Cup fever.
There was a full house at Roof Top Loyalty Bar in Stand Pipe, St Andrew, for yesterday's match.
Marie Green would not be left out of the football excitement.

Days before the World Cup began, Bebe went jersey shopping for his five-member household. He is serious about his football. He refers to Lionel Messi as 'the god' and is a dedicated Argentina supporter.

Bebe was among the football-crazy fans at the Roof Top Loyalty Bar in Stand Pipe, St Andrew, yesterday. Although it was the Russia vs Egypt clash, he could not avoid showing his colours.

"For this World Cup, me as an Argentina fan, me ensure that me get jersey fi me likkle yute and me two daughter dem. Me babymother, she a bring Brazil and me a bring Argentina. From Argentina first match everybody in dem gears, but me babymother, she nuh have on no gears," he said. "Me mek sure don't get none fi har because she is going the other side. She need fi get her own gears. I am a true Argentina fan. I cannot walk in a store as an Argentina fan and buy a Brazilian gear. It look a way man!"


Appreciation for football


Like most persons who gathered at the bar to watch Russia demolish Egypt, Bebe has an appreciation for football. He is not afraid to admit that Messi, after missing the penalty in the first game, is the biggest flop of the World Cup thus far, but he is convinced the star player has the quality to bounce back and lead his team to title success.

But while a lot was being said about Messi, it was really a day to scrutinise Mo Salah, the Egyptian Pharaoh. Al, a Brazilian supporter, was not too concerned about whether Salah had fully recovered from a shoulder injury sustained in the Champions League final.

"Me want a man inna red shirt lick Salah foot," he bellowed. When asked why, the Manchester United supporter said: "EPL (English Premier League) a start back August, me always a mek preparation".

He was, however, happy for the striker when his converted the penalty, but was unimpressed that he failed to make better use of his chances. Marie, the only female in the house who showed an interest in the game, was glad Mo did not miss like Messi. That goal had brought David back to life. He was full of hope early in the encounter, but as the Russian tankers rolled over the hapless Egyptians, all David could do was urge Salah to "warm up fi next season a England."

Bebe, meanwhile, couldn't wait for today when his team takes on Croatia. He is already pushing back at naysayers who dare to suggest that Argentina could be on an early flight home.

"That won't happen," he said, when asked if he would cry. "We don't shed tears. Don't cry fi we, Argentina"

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