Cheers to the Cup: Poor Melissa! - Argentina supporter told to take off her jersey

June 22, 2018
Yesterday's World Cup match provided quite a bit of excitement at the Reggae Fountain Pub.
Argentina supporter Melissa Moncrieffe could not come to term's with the team's loss to Croatia.
Bartender Kenisha Savage pours a drink during the football match.
All eyes were glued to the TV during the very intense matchup between Croatia and Argentina.
Ludlow Bryce mocks Argentina supporters after the team's 3-0 loss to Croatia.
Ludlow Bryce enjoying Croatia's win over Argentina yesterday.

When Argentina's Maximiliano Meza crashed his shot into the side netting in the 27th minute, Melissa Moncrieffe was uncontrollable.

She blew hard on her vuvuzela and was about to start the celebratory dance, but was told there was no goal.

A bit disappointed, Melissa, a bartender, returned to her seat inside the Reggae Fountain Bar located at Latham Avenue in Kingston, where she was watching Argentina play Croatia yesterday. She waited for yet another opportunity to blow the vuvuzela. It didn't come.

The football gods had other ideas. Ludlow Bryce, a Germany supporter, was adamant that his team will not be the only big side to suffer defeat in the first round.

"Who is Messi?," he rhetorically questioned as he poked fun at the mercurial attacker.

Bryce was like a thorn in Melissa's flesh. He taunted Messi and celebrated every big move made by Croatia.

Perhaps unable to stand the heat, Melissa, who was all dressed up in Argentina gear, took up refuge on the outside of the bar. She sat with David, a less vocal but staunch opponent of Argentina. The two enjoyed their favourite drink Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum, and it appeared to be the only thing that put a smile on her face.

David had earlier declared that it could be a tough day for Argentina, and was constantly on the phone, telling his son who was flying, that only some good magic could save Messi and his merry men.

Poor Melissa! She was surrounded by a bunch of people who took pleasure in Argentina's downfall, and the two persons who believed in the two-time champion had lost their voices.

One patron suggested that Melissa take off her jersey and sport her bra only.

"Bye, bye, bye, Messi, yuh is a mess," Bryce taunted as he took on the role of commentator.

Melissa, while seeing the funny side of things, blamed the loss on the over dependence on Messi.

"One man can't do everything," she said.

Melissa ditched her flag and vuvuzela, but kept on her jersey. She also refused to abandon her team, although she admits that it is unlikely for Argentina to go far in the tournament.

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