Cheers to the Cup: Celebration floors Germany supporter

June 26, 2018
Bartender Alecia Jones was eager to serve rum while the patrons watch football.
Thunda seemed to be enjoying his white rum more than the football.
My Mother's Place was the spot for football lovers yesterday.
Patrons were glued to the TV that was just in time for World Cup.
The Spain vs Morocco match was a tight one, and it kept the attention of viewers.

An overzealous Germany supporter who escaped injury on the weekend was a major talking point yesterday at My Mother's Place, a bar located along the Harbour View main road in St Andrew.

The man, Sello, reportedly sprang from his chair after Toni Kroos scored in the final minute of stoppage time to rescue Germany's World Cup hopes. In his excitement, Sello reportedly lost his balance and ended up on the floor. Fellow Germany supporters reportedly splashed liquor on him, a move aimed at celebrating the goal.

"Him seh him nuh mind the lick weh him get as long as him side win," bar owner Ian Wilson related yesterday as football faithfuls gathered at the 'watering hole' to watch Spain play Morocco.

Wilson recently bought a brand new television just for the World Cup. He had two in the bar both were damaged by water. But with the 'watering hole' being a favourite for Germany and Brazil fans, Wilson knew he had to come big for the tournament.

His investment in a 55-inch Smart TV has earned him lots of visitors who stop by to watch the greatest showpiece event. He plans to install a second before the tournament ends on July 15.

The existence of only one television set did not pose a problem for patrons who zoned in on the Spain vs Morocco match yesterday, almost forgetting that the imperious Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal was engaged in a clash with Iran. The majority of those who gathered were cheering against Spain. Thunda offered a $100 bet that Morocco could not lose but there were no takers. He instead used the money to buy a drink of Wray and Nephew White Overproof rum.

Alecia, the bartender, wanted Morocco to win, not because she accepted them as Africans, but because she saw them as the underdogs.

Only one Spain supporter dared to show, and when he did, he sported an Isco shirt. He, however, left before the premature Morocco victory party, which had to be aborted after Spain scored an equaliser deep into stoppage time. It was perhaps a good reason, as perhaps if he had stayed, there could have been a repeat of Saturday's incident which saw Sello going to the ground during his celebration.

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