Cheers to the Cup: Match puts Argentina fans on edge

June 27, 2018
Donna (right) and Sean celebrated the win with a bottle of white rum.
Argentina fans celebrate after a goal is scored.
After being on one point for most of the tournament, Argentina fans were extremely happy for the win.
All eyes were glued to the TV during the match between Argentina and Nigeria.
Bartender Scatta made sure the patrons got their fair share of liquor throughout the match.

Emotions filled the air at the Next Level Headquarters and Sports Bar in Cornwall Courts, Montego Bay, yesterday as vociferous football fans sweated out the exhilarating clash between Argentina and Nigeria, which the Argentines won 2-1 to resurrect their World Cup dream.

"I know they would win said an ecstatic Donna Kirkpatrick, a member of staff at the popular sports bar, as she grinned from ear to ear amid the waving blue and white Argentina flags.

In the game's early goings, the opposing supporters cheered loudly as the teams battled to gain the early ascendancy. However, when Messi fired Argentina into a 1-0 lead after taking a sublime pass from Banega in the 14th minute, liquor-filled cups went flying in the air as those with blue and white flags reigned supreme.

"See di don Messi deh. Talk to me now nuh," screamed an Argentina fan, who had endured much bantering about Messi's weak showing in the previous two games.

During the half-time break, the Nigeria fans were the most vocal, accusing the referee of giving them a raw deal for not awarding what they thought was a penalty.

As the second half started, the Argentina fans were again dancing as Messi seemed to be taking charge. However, they were stunned into silence in the 51st minute when, after consulting the video replay, Nigeria was awarded a penalty, which Victor Moses fired in to make the score 1-1.

With the Argentina fans now quiet, those supporting Nigeria cheered loudly.

"Unuh still deh yah? Unuh nah go pack unuh suitcase fi go home?," a Nigeria fan asked a distressed looking Argentina supporter, who was staring blankly at the television screen clad in his sweat-soaked Lionel Messi jersey.

However, with the Nigeria fans counting down the minutes and the Argentina fans looking rattled, Argentina regained the lead through Marcos Rojo. Fans of the South American team then grabbed the flags they had discarded as they danced in delight.

"Me nuh business how we win as long as we win," said Sean, as he waved his Argentina flag proudly. "Goodbye, Nigeria. See you in four years."

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