Cheers to the Cup: Brazilians get two presents in one day

June 28, 2018
Kirk held on to his bottle of white rum as he screamed for Brazil.
A conductor jumped from a bus, ran into the bar and hugged a fellow Brazil supporter who was watching the match between Brazil and Serbia at Masses Cozy Corner in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew, last week.
Vuvuzelas were a mainstay during yesterday's exciting match between Brazil and Serbia.
Natalie, who answers to the name 'Kirkie', removed her shirt to celebrate Brazil's win.
From left: Natalie, Andrew Williams and Kirk could not stop cheering after Brazil won the match.
Gun salutes were just some of the many ways Brazilian fans celebrated the win.

Four years ago Andrew Williams almost lost his mind. His beloved team Brazil was humiliated by Germany 7-1 in the World Cup encounter that Brazilians want to forget.

"Me deh a my yard and dem call me and say, 'Rasta, yuh nuh lock up yuh stall?'," he said.

The fruit vendor said that the beating was so bad that "me turn fool and run go home." That was 2014.

Fast-forward to 2018, and the Rasta is in a joyous mood. Like he did four years ago, he abandoned his fruit stall. But this time around he wasn't crying or hiding in his house. Instead, he took up residence inside Masses Cosy Corner, a bar operated by Marcia Smikle in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew.

And he was not alone. Although Smikle is a Belgium supporter, Brazilians crammed into her bar, ordered their favourite drinks, and cheered on their team.

Kirk was the chief cheerleader. He hardly gave the vuvuzela any rest, and when he did, it was lyrics that spewed from his mouth. He cried to profess his love for Brazil, hugged a male bus conductor as if he had just won the lottery, and wined on a female Brazilian fans in a manner that suggested he was about to start his own football team.

Williams was not to be outdone either. He banged loudly on what seemed to be his favourite chair, and on many occasions, the bar was not big enough to hold him.

The Brazilian fans had no doubt that they would beat Serbia. Kirk foretold it. He said that his shades allow him to see two minutes into the future, and thus, on the occasions when Serbia mounted promising attacks, he urged calm, telling patrons nothing would come of them. He was right.

"A Germany me did waah buck inna the finals," said Kirk, as he expressed disappointment that the defending champions lacked the gumption to make it past the first round.

Natalie, a woman who answers to the name Kirkie, started her deejay career on the spot.

"We get seven and we hol' we composure. We never quit, we fight back as a soldier. Right now, a Brazil a di leader," she deejayed.

Williams was happy for two presents in one day. He said that he prayed for a Brazil win and for a defeat for Germany. A happier man could not be found.

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