Cheers to the Cup: Searching for a team to join

June 29, 2018
Luke Dunn (centre) and Richard Newton (left) jeer a disappointed Omar Walcott while England was being beaten by Belgium.
Omar Walcott is in tears because of his team's loss.
Deon Thompson tries to convince the bar that England is a better team than Belgium.
Richard Newton was very attentive during the game.
Bartender Eve serves up some rum to eager customers.
Towana Reid (left) and Crystal Bailey celebrates after Belgium scores.

Omar Walcott slapped his face as if it was a spoilt kid. He was trying to come to terms with the fact that his team, England, had been beaten 1-0 by Belgium in the last preliminary-round match of the 2018 World Cup.

Walcott was the only England supporter at Funorama, a 'watering hole' across from the Kingston Public Hospital on Princess Street in downtown Kingston.

Crystal and Towana made sure his life was uncomfortable. They belted out their favourite Bob Marley One Love much to the anguish of the England fan.

Towana, a supporter of Belgium, was only too glad to see Walcott in misery. She is not one of those German supporters who reportedly flipped their flags to ensure that the black, red, and yellow stripes are now vertical in order to jump on the Belgium bandwagon.

"Me pick Belgium from the World Cup start. Me ask me son bout dem and ask him fi tell me two player name," she said. The Belgians she knows are Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, two of the most lethal attackers in the game.

Unlike Towana, Deon Thompson claims to know football. He spent his time cheering for England, even though he is a Brazil supporter, and was not short on opinions, as it related to how England should have played. He was, however, adamant that his endorsement of England in yesterday's game was not an indication that he feared that his team could fall by the wayside.




"Yuh can pick four other teams from Brazil and still qualify for the World Cup," he claimed.

He sought to peddle the argument but none would buy it. Luke Dunn, Richard Newton and Adrian Bailey had no time for him. Barnes, the elder statesman in the bar, found Thompson's claim about Brazil's strength laughable. For him, Brazil is just like the other 'little teams' that will fall by the wayside during this tournament. In his mind, Argentina will be lifting the World Cup on July 15, never mind the fact that they scraped through to the round of 16.

"I can outline 10 facts about Argentina and this World Cup," Barnes said as he began to lay the groundwork for a powerful argument in favour of his team.

"Fact number one: we qualified for the round of 16. Fact number two: we qualified for the round of 16. Fact number three: we qualified for the round of 16," he said before being cut off after it was recognised that he was stating the obvious.

And before the Brazilians pounced, he quickly referenced the 7-1 they got from Germany.

"Last World Cup, there were people with flashlights searching for a team to join. It is going to happen again," he predicted.

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