My Confession: Wutliss man move out with the pot of steamed fish


June 29, 2018

STAR, me always hear man talk bout nagging woman, but trust me, there are nagging men, too.

Me did have a ex-boyfriend who controlling till it look bad. Him did get shot, and this kinda limit him mobility for a while, and a dem time deh tings worse.

Me make him come live with me, and the man jealous over even woman. If me family member dem come link me and me all go one a way go talk to them, it was a problem. Me couldn't even watch a show and say one of the actors sexy, or a big argument it cause.

I used to work as an assistant for a popular businessman, and if mi boss ever make the mistake and call my phone, all hell bruk loose.

Anyway, just months after him move in with me, I know I had to let him leave, or Maddens would bring me out dead. One night, me go in the kids' room go gwaan chill with them, and the next ting me know, the man come in deh a say how me a ignore him and start cuss and gwaan bad.

Me kids start cry, and the nasty bwoy give me an ultimatum say me either a go send me kids go live with them father or lose him. When me tell him say him can leave, the man take one a him crutch and try sail after me, but him couldn't balance himself and drop. Me take up the crutch and give him some lick and tell him family come take him the next day.

The wutliss bwoy move, but him cook some steam fish and him take up him pot with it and take off the clothes pin that a did fi him off a di line. Real maama man-style.

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