Cheers to the Cup: Portugal's loss save Jamie's iPhone

July 02, 2018
Portugal Supporter Sohpia celebrates as her side drew level in a fixture against Uruguay. Portugal would go on to lose 2-1
Germany fan Ruel is estatic as Portugal departs the World Cup in the round of 16 after losing 2-1 to Uruguay.
Jamie (foreground) explaining to Pops why Portugal will be defeated by Uruaguay. Uruaguay won the match 2-1 knocking out Portugal in the round of 16.

Jamie and Sophia are talkative, especially when they knock back a round (or few) of a mixed concoction with Campari being the main ingredient.

The fun duo was part of an energetic group at Corner Stone Bar on Penwood Road, St Andrew, on Saturday as they watched Uruguay and Portugal in the second round of 16 game for the day.

Jamie was adamant that Portugal, and specifically, their star baller, Cristiano Ronaldo, would be going home, following Lionel Messi and Argentina, who were eliminated in the day's earlier game.

"If Messi a go home, Ronaldo haffi go too," shouted Jamie. But Sophia wanted 'Cristi' to progress in the tournament.

"I live in England, but mi nuh really cheer fi dem unless dem play certain side. So mi cheer fi all a di big baller side dem," she said, "but especially di baller dem weh play fi Manchester United. That's why mi love Ronaldo (who played for the team between 2003 and 2009). A him mek wi win Premier League more time."

But Jamie was confident that Ronaldo would be catching an early flight home.

"Mi a drink off unnu rum, and unnu still a lose," he laughed. Another patron, Devon Forde, started singing, "Send dem home, send dem home" as he agreed with Jamie.

"Brazil is my team, but dem (referring to Ronaldo) a club baller," he joked.

Jamie was relentless. Every time a Portugal attack was repelled, he was the loudest in the room.

"Any how Portugal win todeh, mi gi weh mi iPhone," he said confidently.

Other than the Messi factor, his vendetta against Portugal was even greater because his 'original' team, Germany, didn't even make it to the second round.

So he wanted as many of the 'big teams' to go home as possible.

"A mi side, but dem nuh play nuh form a ball. Dem did look like Jamaica," he said. "Fi a big defending champion? No man, dem nuh come wid nuh adrenaline."

Jamie felt that Uruguay would give France, who knocked out Argentina, a better fight. He warned that another South American giant was also headed for trouble.

"Brazil have too much waggonist," he said. "A France a win this." Sophia agreed that France and Spain are playing the best football right now.

After Uruguay scored what proved to be the winner, Sophia turned her back to the TV, much to Jamie's delight.

"Mi can't even drink yah now," she lamented. "Mi nuh like lose."

Late in the game, her golden boy, Ronaldo, fired at goal. Sophia jumped from her bar stool, mistakenly

thinking there had been an equaliser.

"A weh she a go? Ball gone, enuh. It nuh close. A camera trick," Jamie laughed.

When the final whistle was blown, Jamie was uncontrollable, while Sophia was less enthusiastic. But she was sticking with her baller.

"No worry, Cristi, dem can't stop yuh billions," she said ruefully.

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