Cheers To The Cup: Rendo mek belly buss as Maverley cheers for Raheem

July 04, 2018
Almost done! Rendo Walker devours a meal as England fans cheer him on and watch him in awe.
Junior McFarlane celebrates as England score a penalty to take the lead.
Moses Treston,aka Rice, shares his famous curried chicken back and white rice for supporters.
Kimone Holland beat the pot covers to celebrate after England beat Colombia on penalties at the World Cup.

Family and friends of one of England's finest, Raheem Sterling, came out in their numbers yesterday at the community centre in Maverley, St Andrew, to support him as the team took on Colombia.

Sporting flags and jerseys to show their undying love for the local boy, they sat quietly waiting for the team to make them proud.

Since the first half of the match didn't produce any goals, the relatives of Sterling decided to occupy themselves with other festivities.

Moses Treston, known to many as 'Rice', prepared some curried chicken back and white rice and they had a great feast.

The spotlight from the game was stolen by young Rendon Walker, who was given a mountain of food to devour.

The people cheered him on and some contemplated whether or not he would be able to finish the sizeable meal.

"This a nuh nothing for him to eat, man. This yah man eat much more than this," Rice said.

Some stood in shock as they watched the 14-year-old tackle the food set before him with ease and poise as he stretched to ensure that it was all going down.

While laughter erupted, Rice explained that this type of gathering is only done when England is playing.

"Wi affi come out and support our own, enuh, so wi just run a boat, set up the TV, we eat some food, and have a nice time," Rice said.

After the little side excitement, their attention was once again glued to the television, hoping that their number one footballer moved on to the quarter-finals.

Shortly after, there was pandemonium as England got a penalty. It was no surprise that they wanted Sterling to take it but they were still happy Harry Kane converted.

Under the little shed that is at the community centre, Sterling's relatives and friends sat quietly and anticipated the game end to declare a English victory but that was not to be.

Disappointed that Colombia scored an equaliser, many hissing their teeth. But no one moved because they just had to see the end of the game together.

"A our place this. A here so Raheem come from and so we have to support him no matter what," one man said.

The excitement could not be contained as they ran, jumped, and knocked their pot covers in celebration after England won on penalties.

"Raheem is a step closer now," said one fan as the English team moved on to the quarterfinals.

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