Cheers To The Cup: Winston enjoys Brazil's funeral at Willie's Bar

July 09, 2018
Winston (left) teasing Chef Flakey (centre) about Brazil being knocked out of World Cup 2018 while watching the quarter-final match between Croatia and Russia. Looking on is Willie, the bar's owner.
Winston (right) and Tan (left) in an heated debate about which team is the best in the World Cup while watching the Russia versus Croatia match from Willie's Bar on Saturday.
Chef Flakey (right) holds aloft a photo of the Brazillian 2014 World Cup team while Winston shows off his Argentina team on Saturday.

The Russia and Croatia quarter-final match at the 2018 FIFA World Cup ended in a penalty shoot-out with the Croats emerging victors, but not even the nail-biting finish could have captured the imagination of the crowd that gathered at Willie’s Bar on Tarrant Drive in St Andrew on Saturday afternoon.

The day, as Winston stated clearly at the beginning of the match, "was the funeral for the Brazilian team and their supporters".

Brazil had lost to 2-1 to Belgium the previous day.

Winston, a die-hard supporter of the Argentines since the late 70s, was outnumbered by the grieving Brazilian supporters, but his voice was the loudest.

“A bury we a bury Brazil today,” Winston said as he downed a shot of Wray and Nephew rum. “A cremation we (Argentina) get but we a put unnu inna the ground today.”

He continued: “When Messi drop out you tell me every day what The STAR say about Messi, but today I not hearing what they say about Brazil.”

The STAR say Messi mess up,” Tan, the veteran in the group said, referring to The STAR headline after the Argentinian star's penalty was saved in his team’s opening encounter versus Iceland. “Mi go the airport go meet Brazil last night and we coming back to win next time.”

But he has found a ‘legitimate’ reason to continue watching the World Cup.


“My brother paid 40 pounds in 1951 to ride on Banana Boat to England and my nieces and nephews were all born in England and send things for me all the time so I am rooting for England now,” Tan explained about hopping on England’s wagon.

England had defeated Sweden 2-0 earlier on Saturday to advance to the semi-final.

But unlike Tan, Chef Flakey, a cook at the nearby restaurant, was still proud of his Brazil.

“Brazil all the way, Brazil every time,” Chef Flakey said. “At least we get a funeral, all now mi cyah hear about Argentina funeral. We can still celebrate Brazil but we can’t do the same thing for Argentina.”

“But that (Chef Flakey’s braggadocious comment) is why serious bawling happened here yesterday and when Belgium score the wol a dem run go hide,” Winston chimed in again. “A two coffins dem need fi bury Brazil, is only Messi get bury from Argentina.”

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