My Confession: Girlfriend took mi fi eediat


July 13, 2018

STAR, love isn't always a good ting enuh. Me say me did have one girl one time and me did love her till me fool.

Is like she couldn't do nothing wrong in me sight. When me meet her me never did too want her, but after a few weeks she start do some tings and let me fall in love with her.

Me all run me woman. Anyway, me move in with her and before time me deh at her house a take care of her children, and all a wash her auntie clothes dem.

Me always see she a go way on weekends say she a visit her father, and most a the time she leave the children's with me.

Me always a wonder why she nah carry me, but she convinced me say when we get married she would, cuz har fadda a Christian. Me do everything fi her enuh.

Anyway, about two years into the relationship, after me add on a next room on her auntie house and tink me could a live comfortable, is a man that me see come in a tell me say me have to leave.

Me siddung pon di bed same way and all awonder if a robbery. But when me look, a she and two other man come in and she tell me say me time expire and me too soft fi her.

The bwoy dem dash out me tings and me leave shamer than a dog. Me try avoid her fi years, until me buck her recently.

The gyal craawny bad and me hear say the man just give her three more pickney and beat her. A good!

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