My Confession: I lied that I was pregnant

July 27, 2018

STAR, me used to take a girl man one time and me did tell me self say me nah stop until him leave her for me.

His weakness was children and him did always want a daughter but it look like him woman was a mule at the time.

No matter how him say him try, all a him sperm just a swim leave her eggs. Me know him love her but me could see say him a get frustrated, so me come up with a master plan.

Me tell him me miss me period and him was over the moon. Him start all tell me when him get me pregnant.

Me friend give me some Peritol so me start put on weight, and before you know it the man practically live with me.

Me know me had to play the game right, so me start act like me have morning sickness when him round me. Me start walk and push out me belly, and it never take nothing for him woman hear.

One night me go link him a him yard and when me a go thru the gate, she and her friends dem gang me and she give me one kick inna me belly land me a grung.

Bwoy it did hat bad, but pity she never know say she just make me life easier. Me hold me belly and run go home and for the entire night when the man a call me, I nuh ansa the phone.

When two days run off, me call him and tell him me lose the baby because of the blow whe me get in my belly. The man get cross and go home go give him woman some lick and run her way.

Me and him end up left about a year later, but up to this day him believe say she kick out him baby out me belly. All now him no get no children, so him hate her with a passion.

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