Testimony: God delivered me from sickness and pain

July 28, 2018
Contributed Reverend Margaret Mills

The Lord has shown up for persons in ways that are sometimes surprising. However, there are many Christians who are never surprised when God comes through for them because their faith in Him gives them the assurance that once they ask their Maker for help, it will be forthcoming.

Well, one of those Christians is the Reverend Margaret Mills, who is the principal of the Assemblies of God Bible College in Christiana, Manchester. Mills, who is currently a member of the Junction Assembly of God at Junction in St Elizabeth, testified that she was having a problem with her jaw.

"I received healing from the Lord, who healed me when I had a problem with my jaw. I prayed for myself after I took communion. I drained what was left in the communion cup on to my finger and placed it on my cheek, and God healed me immediately," testified Mills.

Unable to identify what the illness was, Mills pointed out that she was unable to open her mouth without feeling excruciating pain. She added that the problem lasted for weeks, and no medication that she received from her doctor was helping.

"I had intended to take communion that day. I never missed communion. I do not stay away from that. I cannot remember ever staying away from communion," noted the church leader.

The churchwoman added that it was her faith in the Lord and not the grape juice that was used for communion that day that caused her to receive healing."We suffer because we are in a sin-cursed world, not necessarily because we have done something wrong. God wants to heal us. There are times when God chooses to heal or allow the person to die. Death is also healing. It is total deliverance from sickness and pain. Healing comes in God's time, not ours," said Mills, who has been a Christian for 50 years.

Mills also shared another instance when God came through for her. She said that at one point when she was studying overseas, God opened up a door for her. She noted that she was blessed by God with scholarships that enabled her to graduate debt-free.

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