Call To The Bar: Camilla chasing her dreams at 2 Sisters Pub


August 02, 2018
Shorn Hector/Photographer Sisters Kamesha McGregor (left) and Camilla Brown say their mother Elaine Nunes Johnson named the 2 Sisters Pub, which Brown owns after them.
Shorn Hector/Photographer Patrons chill outside 2 Sisters Pub on Waltham Park Road.
Shorn Hector/Photographer Camilla Brown, owner of 2 Sisters Pub, making a drink at the Waltham Park-based drinking spot.
Shorn Hector/Photographer Kemesha (left) and Camilla serve Leroy, a regular customer of the 2 Sisters Pub.

Growing up, Camilla Brown always saw her mother running her own businesses.

That example stuck with her, and even before she came of age, she knew she wanted to do the same.

So, when her mother, Elaine Nunes Johnson, opened a restaurant on Waltham Park Road in St Andrew, Brown would help out.

"I was always around Mom, around the business, helping out and seeing what it's like to run a business. So, I kinda had an idea what to do," she said.

When the adjoining building was up for rent, her mom wanted it. However, she wasn't sure what to do with the space, so Brown saw her opportunity.

She decided to open a bar, but there was one issue.

"I had no ideas about a bar, not even how to sell a drink of rum," she laughed. "But you know Mommy started me off, so I wanted to grow from there."

That was in December 2012, and now 2 Sisters Pub is a popular hang-out spot along busy thoroughfare.

The name came about from her mother's suggestion.

"We were puzzled about what to name the bar, and she said you can name it '2 Sisters' because it's me and my sister, Kamesha," she said.

It was also a fitting name because both sisters played their part in establishing it.


Though Brown didn't really know much about bar work, Kamesha did, having worked in a few. So, her advice was quite helpful.

Brown recalled that after she opened the bar, it was challenging, but over time, things have got much better.

"You have your ups, you have your downs, you have days when you want to give up, but you still have to hold firm as the business owner," she said.

Plus, her mother is always there to motivate and help her along.

Brown added that the most rewarding part is seeing the business "gaining and growing".

"I love getting to know new customers on a daily basis, interacting with them, you start to love what you do," she said.

Brown is still very hands-on with the business. From the beginning, she only works with one barmaid, alternating with her every other week.

She reasoned that sometimes it's better financially to just do things yourself.

Now, Brown is looking to expand her customer base. She used to host a karaoke night on Saturdays and plans to revamp that with a games night added to it.

She has big plans for 2 Sisters Pub, which she admits will take much work to achieve.

"I see it growing from this, with the restaurant as well, to it becoming a restaurant and bar lounge," she said. "We would have a different setting and a lot more activities."

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