God has been using me in a mighty way

August 04, 2018
Contributed Pastor Romaine Edmondson
Contributed Pastor Romaine Edmondson

When men treat the people of God badly, He treats them well. That's the word from many Christians who have experienced bad treatment at some point in their lives or who have had uncomfortable experiences because of others.

Well, Romaine Edmondson of the Radical Pentecostal Church in Clarendon, where he is currently senior pastor, is one who has experienced bad treatment. Surprisingly, this treatment did not come from persons who are regarded as unsaved, but from other church leaders.

"I was preaching from 2012 without being granted a licence to show that I am an ordained pastor. I was rejected by my own pastor and was treated so badly at my home church. But they never knew that God was about to do something good in my life," testified young pastor Edmondson.

Edmondson shared that he happened to travel overseas, and a minister of God prophesied over his life, revealing to him that he saw the anointing of God on his life.

"He prophesied over me and told me that God told him to release me as an ordained licensed pastor. I was ordained on March fourth this year, and now, I have my ministry," Edmondson further testified.

Edmondson bragged that although he is now an ordained pastor, the greatest miracle that God has ever worked in his life was when He blessed him with the spirit of discerning, thus giving him the power to do a number of things, including healing a blind woman a few weeks ago.

He said that the woman had been suffering from cataract and had been blind for three months. He was led to pray for her, and almost instantaneously, she recovered her sight. The 22-year-old pastor added that although he has only been saved for nine years, the Lord has been doing much in his life as he carries out the work assigned to him by his Creator.

"Since I have been ordained, words are inadequate to explain how the Lord has been using me in a mighty and most powerful way. On July 13, over two weeks ago, the Lord had me baptising 81 persons in Trelawny with the assistance of two other pastors. The Lord is really blessing me as I continue to do His work," Edmondson said.

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