My Confession: My man's wife shamed me in church

August 10, 2018

STAR, when me much younger, me people dem did force me inna church.

Dem tell me to baptise because Judgement Day soon come. Nah tell no lie, me feel like di seven devil did inna me because me never did a feel much.

But because me people dem strict, me did have to pretend like me filled with the Holy Spirit. Can I tell you how on Sundays me did have to put down some type a spiritual dance and a try talk how dem a talk?

Me used to YouTube some people when dem a talk inna tongues and pretend to do it. Nobody frock never longer than mine a day time, but a pity dem never know me used to pray to go home and me was one a the biggest freak in the church.

You name it, I have done it. Nah boast about myself, but when me sing a church, people use to say I sound like an angel. Me did deh wid a married man and is like me couldn't get enough a him.

Every motel know we by we first name. Anyway, him wife find out and she send me some nasty text message say me fi lef her man.

Me toe-to-toe with har and tell her me nah let him go, ever. Me eventually have to leave him because she come a church one Sunday.

Me really did a wonder what she a do deh, but tru me affi act holy me was on my best behaviour.

Bwoy, in the middle of the church she ask to give a testimony and them give her the mic. She read out all me dirty deeds in front a me people dem and the entire church.

Me shame like dawg, me couldn't say a word. Me never stop run til me reach home. Of course, me leave her husband alone and the pastor take me off the choir and write me out of the church.

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