My Confession: Di man wuk mi and duck mi

August 17, 2018

STAR, no matter how yuh hear people warn against meeting persons online, we always get catch.

The funny thing is that me always say a desperate people seek relationship on social media - until me meet a little man whose mouth sweet like syrup.

After talking to him for a few weeks, is like me drop inna love. We all start talk bout marriage and children. We have we life all planned out. Only thing was, we talk for about four months and never meet cause we live at almost opposite ends of the island.

Anyway we finally meet up, and me did anxious to sleep with him, mi nah lie. A bare phone sex we used to have and ting.

Anyway, when me reach him house a St Catherine, me did hungry, but him say him never go supermarket so me fi wait until we go in the 'town' him get me something nice.

Bwoy, is like the man couldn't done sex. Him go on for hours until me body drained. It was not a bad experience still.

We bathe and him say him a carry me go to a restaurant. Me really a wonder how him nuh give me no money, cause him did promise me a ting, but me a say him a go give me it after him buy food.

Anyway, when we go a the food place, him leave me and say him a go ATM go draw the money.

STAR, yuh wah know say that mi siddung fi more than an hour a wait, and the dutty man never return. Me call him phone, but it go voicemail. Me end up go home, and up to this day the man never take a call from me.

It clear say him was a user. All now me nuh tell any a mi friends dem, cause me too shame.

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