My Confession: Bathroom business spoil mi fun

August 24, 2018

STAR, one a the worse ting reach me about close to two years ago, and all now, me still shame.

Me break up with me man because me find out say him a sleep with one a me fren dem. It look like him did a pray fi me leave because as soon as me move out, she move in.

Me bawl day in and day out. Every time me see him a mogle wid di gyal me heart get heavy, but me never show it cuz me full a pride.

One a him friend was there to offer comfort, so more time, me and him just always sit down and a talk. Him always bun him out and say him a waste man fi style good girl like me.

As days turn inna weeks, me find meself a like him brethren, and me tell me self say nothing wouldn't wrong if me sleep with him cuz a same way me ex man did sleep with me fren.

Me tink it was a perfect revenge, but me did wrong. Me do a 'number two' in the bathroom one evening, and him call me and say we fi link up, so me quickly wash off and reach him yard and start the marathon.

When him say me fi turn back way, me notice him stop and say me fi go bathe off and say him vibes bruk.

Me a wonder what wrong, but when me check it out me realise say piece a tissue did still hitch up round deh.

Me shame like dog, but what make it worse is when me a pass him and me ex man, the two a dem buss out a laugh and start buss blank. Me sure a me dem a talk bout.

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