My Confession: I peppered my enemy's underwear

August 31, 2018

STAR, you ever hear bout some gal weh love gwaan like dem badder than the world? Well, me did know one. The gal use to take set pon me when we live in a one big tenement yard a town.

Imagine, she move come see me there and friend me, but after a few months me realise say she bad-mind. Everything me have, she want. Me did own a small business, and she run go do one and it fail. Me change man and find a good one, and she left the one she had and run go get a next one who never worth it. When me start travel go farrin, me could see the hate in her eyes 'cause she never have no visa.

Anyway, she start drift and vex up with me, and her friends dem start tell me say she a say a bag a tings bout me. Me did end up all tell her a secret and she go tell back me man and him leave me. When we leave now, she all come try comfort me and me run her.

Di gal take it personal and draw knife pon me and start fight me. Me a nuh fighter, and me nah tell no lie, she beat me up bad and me feel shame. Fi days me lock in and she pass me door a day time and throw bare word.

Me know me did have to get even with her. So me mek some months run off, and one night me a come home from work and see she leave her panty dem on the line. Me rub some pepper on the crotches and leave it. The next evening me stay inna mi house and hear har a bawl out. She scream so till and start accuse we next neighbour say a she pepper her draws. She start tell people say she sure a nuh me cause me nuh brave so. Up to now me mek she think me harmless, but all me know is that for days she couldn't walk good.

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