My Confession: I lied that I was HIV-positive

September 07, 2018

STAR, me used to have a man who lie bad, and me know him did a cheat, but no matter how much me ask, him deny it.

Me see the evidence, including texts in his phone, and him still deny it and say a him brethren borrow him phone.

One day, a girl screenshot a message and send to me, and when me saddle up myself and tell him say him can't tell me any lies cuz me have proof, di liad man tell me say di gal is a liad and she good in information technology so is hack she hack him phone and add in him picture to the message when she create it.

Nah tell no lie, me nuh so brite so me believe and cuss di gal. Long after, me fren dem start say me a idiot cuz him and the gal inna tings.

We plot a way to get the truth out a him, so one day, me go clinic for birth control and call him and tell him say me do a HIV test and it positive.

Me put down one piece a cow bawling, and him get silent pon di phone. Him never come home the night cuz him stress out bad.

Him call me and say we can discuss it and how him sorry him cheat and now look how we life mash up.

Me ask him who him catch it from, and him confess and tell me say a di same gal or two other woman. Me nearly dead.

When me a leave him house days later me tell him say a lie me did a tell, me just did waan know the truth.

STAR, can you believe say him have the nerve to cuss me and say me can't be trusted? Aye sah!

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