Call To The Bar: Good vibes and high energy at Lighthouse Lounge

September 13, 2018
Full view of Lighthouse Lounge and Grill.
Owner Ricardo McIntosh flanked by his wife Ingrid (right) and a customer Monique Earle.
Bartender Kimona invites you for a drink.
A customer plays a game of pool inside Lighthouse Lounge and Grill.

With a slogan that says "Lighthouse Is The Right House," it is little wonder that Lighthouse Lounge and Grill in Salem on the outskirts of Runaway Bay, St Ann, is a favourite spot of many.

One such person is Monique Earle, who was at the lounge when THE STAR visited yesterday.

"It's very nice here, this is my only hangout spot because I really enjoy it here," she said. "Good music, good food, good vibes, the whole Lighthouse family, they're great. Good people."

Owner and operator Ricardo McIntosh and his wife Ingrid have been running the Lighthouse for two years now and have established the location as a must-go-to place.

"We're giving thanks that business is okay and it's getting better as time goes by," McIntosh said.

Customers enjoy a wide variety of beverages at Lighthouse, but, as customary, there are favourite drinks that some are attached to.

"As you can see the bottle represents itself," McIntosh said, referring to a huge image of Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum painted on the wall of the property.

"We have a lot of really dedicated rum drinkers, some would say they drink religiously. Then we have the Appleton people, people who like Colbeck as well, a lot of people like the VX, the smoother blend of Appleton," said McIntosh

But Lighthouse is not only about the beverages, it is a totally fun spot, with a range of activities to suit customers' every taste.

On Wednesday, it is the uproarious karaoke, Friday is 'Curry Goat Fridays', while on Sunday, it is Fun Day with cricket, dominoes, ludo, darts, pool, and other fun activities, with bingo set for every last Sunday of the month.

Lighthouse is also a favourite events venue with parties and stage shows being a regular on the calendar.

"Yeah, man, we have a lot of events going on right through the year. The place generates a lot of energy so if you walk through the place, you just feel the energy," McIntosh said. "So people who come here can expect a nice, peaceful vibes, good conversation, good quality people, positive energy with positive people."

Bartender Kimona, just two days on the job, is also dedicated to ensuring Lighthouse remains the favourite spot of many.

"At Lighthouse you can expect good customer service," Kimona said with a smile.

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