My Confession: Mi buss out mi granny secret dem

September 14, 2018

STAR, me grow up in the country with my poor granny. But if yuh ever hear she talk, you woulda think say she rich.

She and her neighbours were poor alike, but she always a hype pon dem and a say how much house she buy for her kids in Kingston. She would boast how many cars she purchase fi har pickney dem, and di woman never own a handcart.

She used to beat me a lot, and she loved my sister more cause she always a tell me how me black like tar.

One day she a grater coconut and me teef out piece, and she beat me for what seem like hours say me touch her tings with me dirty hands. When she done beat me, she send me to the river and tell me to full up one big drum. Me reach almost half way and decide say me nah do it again, and sit down at the river.

Mi see one of her enemy, and me just decide to tell her bout me granny life. Me tell her say she poor like church mouse and nuff time we go bed hungry, and how the shoes and clothes weh she have a ole bruk. Me tell her say all of her kids a pay rent and a bag a other tings. Me all add likkle lies in it.

Her enemy did feel too good, so couple days after she pick argument with me granny and preach out all her deeds. Me frighten so till me run weh for the entire day. 

Late in the night me granny come find me in the fowl coop a sleep, and yuh nuh haffi ask if she beat me. The lick dem did hot, but it never bother me because me grandmother lose her stripe and get calm in the district. All when people dash wud pon her, she remain silent.

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