My Confession: I fooled her that I was an architect

September 21, 2018
Man sweating

STAR, you ever hear bout some licky-licky gyal who just deh wid man fi dem tings? Well, me did know one a dem.

Mi brethren did introduce me to her one night when me a go a one nine-night. Anyway, because is a bus did a carry we, she no pay me no mind when me a talk to her, but me tell myself say mi did have to get her.

So a next day, me borrow me madda van and go link her and as expected, she leave her man in the house and cock up in the van outside.

Next ting she reach at me gate. Mi bredren did leave him bike on the varendah and me madda did deh a country, so me tell her say a my house and me is a architect and the bike and van a mine.

The gyal fall in love same time and me play di gentleman ting and never ask her for sex. Mi buy her KFC the night and drop her home.

Next day me invite her home and google some architect ting and leave it on the computer screen.

Miss lady feel good, and without any problem me get her body. A few weeks later, she run her man and all a tell me she want baby.

Afterwards, she fall flat on her face cuz she realise say me never own a ting and me is a struggling youth.

When she try go back to her man, him run her like dog and move on with a next girl.

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